Mining pools (PPM)

Mining pools calculate profits and provide access to withdraw income
Ethereum is being mined when connecting virtual miners to program pools (PPM). The logic of smart contracts initially contains the boundaries of the characteristics of the created PPM.
The maximum permissible amount of PPM is unlimited.

PPM characteristics and limit values

Minimum period of PPM operation
24 hours
Maximum period of PPM operation
Maximum allowable reward when launching PPM for 1 IPS
0.502512562812096000 ETH in 365 days
The minimum allowable PPM reward that the reward for 1 IPS aims for
0.000497142870192 ETH in 365 days
Launch PPM when it is created no earlier than after
24 hours
The period after which the PPM reward will become static and equal to the minimum reward (cannot exceed the period of PPM operation)
10 minutes
Connecting virtual miners
Minimum period to include virtual miners in PPM
0 - 365 days*
Prolongation of the connection of virtual miners at the end of the minimum active period
Collateral for 1 IPS in ERM
0 - 100 ERM
Pass type
0 - 9
Provision method
0 – ERM, 1 – pass card
*If additional miners are connected to PPM or a reward is withdrawn from PPM, the minimum period time counter starts counting again.
The dApp Ermine provides a guaranteed mining pool (Guaranteed Pool) which is always available for mining and it has a fixed reward for every 1 IPS. There is no requirement to provide computing power in this pool, there is no minimum time period for adding and disconnecting miners.
In a PPM with a dynamic reward change when virtual miners are connected, the reward rate is fixed until the user disconnects or adds virtual miners in such a PPM or when the reward is withdrawn from such a PPM.