Liquidity pool (BLP)


The built-in liquidity pool (BLP) is replenished by ERM and ETH at the initial sale of virtual miners. Thus, the liquidity of BLP in the ERM-ETH pair is created. When using BLP users will be able to exchange ERM for ETH or ETH for ERM. The pool fee will be 1% of the exchange amount in ETH. AntiBot protection is built into BLP, which will not allow making exchanges for one wallet address more than once every 5 minutes.

BLP is created by Ermine once and cannot be edited or deleted. At the time of BLP creation, the initial price of the ERM token is set.

The pool of exchange has limits for one exchange calculated in the smart contract. For example, you will not be able to exchange X ETH to ERM if the liquidity in the pool is <= 2*X.

The liquidity pool keeps ReturnVM running.

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