A brief description of the technology and a little about those who take part in Ermine.
Ermine virtual miners are designed for mining cryptocurrency in the mining process. To receive passive income, you need to connect the miner to the pool (PPM) that will mine Ethereum.
Virtual mining, unlike hardware mining, does not serve as a support for the health of the blockchain network.
All virtual mining operations are carried out in smart contracts within the blockchain. In order to profit from virtual mining, you must have a virtual miner connected to one of the pools (PPM).
Some PPMs with a minimum miner connection period may require collateral in ERM tokens (a guarantee that the virtual miner will not turn off before the end of the minimum period).
Profit is generated in yield smart contracts (YSM), whose activities are aimed at generating income from ongoing operations in the DEX. YSMs provide liquidity to pools mining through internal turnover.
Virtual mining is easier and more profitable. Virtual miners have many advantages over hardware miners.

Company and team

The project team consists of talented specialists.
Team leader Roman Mak lives in the UAE and has extensive experience in managing and developing decentralized applications. Roman Mak has knowledge of the cryptocurrency market and its financial analysis. Roman Mak founded the company RomyRom, which provides services for the development of smart contracts and applications.
Max Petchenko is engaged in web design and mobile adaptation (UI/UX), Vladimir Kharichkov creates scripts and integrations (back-end). Max Petchenko and Vladimir Kharichkov live in Ukraine and are the main members of the LP UNITY studio team.
Artist Artem Do creates 3D objects and animation and takes part in several projects at the same time. Artem Do has lived in several countries around the world, continues to travel and now lives in Korea.
Tania support manager has a higher education as a computer science teacher and is well versed in application software, algorithmization and programming. In Ermine, it processes incoming requests, prepares and sends responses to them. Lives in the UAE.
Roman Foomi is responsible for posting content on social media, Evgeny Daw created the Ermine logo and draws the graphic elements. Tatiana prepares the content and is responsible for the language translation of the texts.
A company will be created to conduct operational activities. We receive advice from lawyers to select the appropriate jurisdiction and obtain the necessary licenses.
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